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Top 4 Places to Find Mold in Your Home

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on basement walls The basement is another common area to find mold

Top Four Places To Find Mold

Many homeowners are unaware of the presence of mold until it’s too late. Mold can grow and spread in as little as 48 hours; thus, it may remain hidden until it’s become a major problem. Fortunately, there are mold remediation specialists who have the tools, training, and skills to safely handle mold. If you’re considered about mold growth, continue reading to find out the top four places to find mold in your home.

1. Bathroom
Mold spores are common both indoors and outdoors. These spores don’t generally become a problem until moisture presents the perfect breeding ground for it to start growing. Mold needs two things to grow: something to grow on and moisture. Bathrooms tend to have high humidity levels which is why it’s so common to find mold there. Moldy drywall is common in bathroom areas with high moisture.

2. Basement
The basement is another common area to find mold. Many people incorrectly think that basements have mold because they are dark and cold. However, mold is often found in the basement because of cardboard storage boxes and paper products which are ideal growing materials for mold. Once there is an introduction of a water source, such as a leak, mold will grow rapidly.

3. Ceiling
Over time, the roof of your home may start to leak due to missing or cracked shingles. If you’re unaware of the leak, the first sign of a problem may be mold growth on your ceiling. It’s a good idea to have an annual roof inspection to prevent major leaks. Not only will an inspection save your roof, it will save your home from mold damage.

4. Garage
The last commonplace to find mold is in the garage. Garages tend to be unfinished, with either studs or drywall visible. Mold on wood is pretty common in garages because of the lack of air ventilation and confined space.
To prevent mold growth in these common areas of your Ball Place, MT, home, pick up a hygrometer to keep the humidity level in your home at the recommended level. Additionally, regularly inspect these areas for any signs of mold.

Is It Safe to Clean Out the Bathtub After a Sewage Backup?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

Severe flood in the bathroom. Water on the bathroom floor If it’s coming up from the drain in the bathtub, it’s sewage

Sewage Cleanup

The last thing you want in your life is a sewer backup inside your home. Part of the invisible infrastructure, your plumbing can occasionally act up, sending you scrambling to look for quick answers.
Sewage is disgusting. Regular storm runoff in Ball Place, MT, may or may not contain sewage, which is defined as water that:

  • Comes from a toilet, sink, or your sewer line backing up.
  • Mixes with human or animal waste during flooding.
  • Contains viruses, bacteria, or other toxic constituents.

How Can Sewage Get Into a Bathtub?
All the wastewater from your toilets and washbasins run into the same sewer line. It’s gravity-fed, meaning that the wastewater’s going to run downhill. When a clog forms, the water is going to flow wherever gravity finds the lowest path.
Another possible problem is a blocked plumbing vent. The air pressure needs to be regulated for the wastewater to flow correctly. When the vent is blocked, you’ll hear frequent gurgling sounds and may see sewer backup in a sink or tub.

How Can You Tell If It’s Sewage?
If it’s coming up from the drain in the bathtub, it’s sewage. Whether or not you see any solids in the water, it’s run in the same pipes and should be considered a biological hazard.

Can You Clean It Up Yourself?
If the amount of the bathtub backup is small, there’s no fecal matter and none of the wastewater gets out of the bathtub, you can clean it up yourself. Wipe down the area using any general detergent. Next, mix about 1 cup of bleach into a gallon of water. Spray or wipe down the entire tub and let it sit for 10 minutes. Careful! Don’t get it on any carpeting, fabrics, or wood – it can stain many items.
If any solids are left in the tub – or if the sewer backup gets out of the tub, you’ll need a professional sewage cleanup company to do the work. They use hospital-grade disinfectants to strip away germs and sanitize fabrics. They’ll also inspect for mold and help you determine if you need to make an insurance claim.

Several Types of Damage Can Follow a Commercial Building Fire

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire building in Twin Bridges, MT

Several Types of Damage Can Follow a Commercial Building Fire

If your commercial building goes up in flames, you need to be concerned about more than just burned materials. There are elements associated with fire damage that aren’t a direct result of the fire. Know what you’re up against so that you know how to prepare. In the wake of a building fire, you can expect to experience several types of damage.

1. Interruption of Utilities
Utilities will probably stop working after a fire. Phone systems, gas, and electricity will probably be out of service for a while and may need to be replaced.

2. Damage From Water
Although the water put out the fire, it’s usually the water damage, not the fire damage, which results in the biggest loss. After all, a fire hose and sprinkler system put out a considerable amount of water under pressure. Most of the affected areas probably won’t be salvageable because thorough drying will take more than a couple of days.

3. Damage From Soot and Smoke
A building fire can cause fire particulate like soot and smoke to be transferred throughout the building via the HVAC system. So, if it’s still working it’s important to turn off the system to limit the cross-contamination to unaffected areas. Smoke and soot can cause strong odors, and various surfaces can be damaged by their acidic residue. This residue can stain, pit, corrode, and tarnish certain materials. It’s best to begin the cleaning process on anything potentially salvageable as soon as possible.

4. Loss of Data and Documents
Paper documents, books, computers, and other electronics will almost certainly be damaged — if not by the fire itself, by the fire suppression materials or soot. This is why it’s important to regularly back up all of your important data and to keep these and electronic copies of important paper files off-site for extra protection.
If your building in Twin Bridges, MT, suffers a fire disaster, you can count on fire damage restoration experts. They’ll return your property to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

How the Pros Handle Fire Restoration

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Board up doors in a kitchen after a fire loss Board up kitchen after a fire loss in Westwood Village

It's hard to imagine any disaster in your building being more devastating than a fire. This incident can destroy your office and take your belongings with it. While your first concern should be for your safety and the well-being of everyone in the facility, you should then turn your attention to fire restoration. Professional crews can help rebuild your building and salvage your possessions.

Your Initial Responsibilities

If a fire starts in your office, you should immediately call 911 and evacuate the premises. Do not take the time to gather any belongings. Make sure everyone gets out safely and then do the following:

  • Call a professional fire restoration company.
  • Contact your insurance company and file a claim.
  • Stay out of the area until cleanup professionals tell you it's safe to return.

Smoke Cleanup
While the flames can destroy any materials in their path, smoke can have detrimental effects as well. The first part of the fire rebuild is to remove the soot and ash from the building. This includes cleaning all surfaces and belongings such as electronics, furniture, documents, and clothing. Crews in Westwood Village, CA, will use dry-cleaning methods to save damaged items.

When the cleanup ream can't salvage items in your office, technicians must tear them out and remove them from the structure. This will enable rebuilding services to start the restoration process.

Water Removal
Firefighters use a lot of water to put out the blaze. The cleanup company must extract all water from the facility and thoroughly dry the area. The team will also disinfect any parts of the building where there was water. This will keep mold from appearing and spreading.

Tarping, Board-up and Rebuilding

Next, the technicians will board up windows and doors to protect the home from looting and further damage. Crews will place tarps over roof gaps and damage. This will keep out the elements. Lastly, the company will start rebuilding the building so you can return.
Fire restoration can be a lengthy process. Trust the professionals to handle these duties.

Preventing Water Damage While Away From Home

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

The pipelines in the insulation and pressure gauges flow and return pipes in the boiler room of a private house household Insulate any exposed pipes inside the building

While it is natural to stay at home to ensure nothing goes wrong and oversee procedures such as water pipe repair, there are times where you will need to leave for an extended period. Whether you must tend to an emergency away from Twin Bridges, MT, or simply go on vacation, you cannot always be there to confront situations like a broken pipe. Prevent water damage by preparing before leaving.

Inspect Every Part of the Residence

The best way to stop any future water problems is by looking for any flaws throughout your property. Inspect the following locations and devices to ensure they are in good condition:

  • Pipes and hoses
  • House appliances
  • Window sealing
  • Gutters and downspouts

If you find cracks and other damage, call the appropriate technician immediately. You can resolve problems with easier solutions, such as removing debris from the gutters or caulking damaged seals.

Rely on Outside Assistance
Other people can help you prevent a situation where water pipe repair is necessary. Before leaving, make plans with a family member, close friend or trusted neighbor to occasionally inspect your home and ensure everything is fine. Meet up with this individual to demonstrate important areas around the house such as water pipes and the main shut-off valve, as well as establish a contact method if there are any concerns or questions. If you cannot find someone, turn off the main valve before leaving.

Improve Your Home Insulation
If you are leaving during the winter, the water pipes will require extra care. Freezing temperatures increases pressure inside the pipes, which can break them and lead to a flooded house. Insulate any exposed pipes inside the building and seal any potential opening. Turn on the heater on low to maintain warmth and place bib protectors on outside spigots.
You will not always be at your home to call water pipe repair and emergency remediation services. Take preventative measures to avoid an incident while you are gone.

How To Reduce the Risk of a Kitchen Fire

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Young Man Using Red Fire Extinguisher To Stop Fire Coming From Oven In Kitchen Keep your kitchen a safe place to work by following these smart fire safety tips

The majority of kitchen fires happen while people are cooking at the stove. Most fires can be avoided, however, by following some basic fire safety tips.

Fire Prevention Instructions in the Kitchen

Don't leave the kitchen - Never leave a stove unattended. If a fire starts while you're away from the stove, you won't be able to stop it quickly. If you must leave the room, turn off the stove and move the pan to a cool burner.
Don't wear loose clothing - Long, billowy sleeves and untucked shirts can catch on fire easily. Wear shirts with short sleeves or those with tight-fitting sleeves. Tuck your shirt in as well while you are cooking on the stove.
Keep flammable items away - Kitchen towels, oven mitts, and electrical cords should all be kept far away from the stove.

Fire Preparedness Tips
Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Make sure it is easy to reach and readily available. Teach every cook in your home in Ball Place, MT, how to use a fire extinguisher properly. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to use one, and it will be invaluable when you need to use it quickly. Inspect each of your extinguishers at least once a year for damage or wear, and replace as needed.
To avoid a grease fire, keep a large container of baking soda on hand. Never try to douse a grease fire with water, since it will make the fire spread. In addition, don't dispose of hot grease. Wait for it to cool before throwing it into the garbage can.
Reduce the risk of fire damage by testing your smoke alarms every month. Change the batteries once a year as well. Call a professional right away if you require a fire damage assessment.
Keep your kitchen a safe place to work by following these smart fire safety tips.

Tips for Safely Returning to Your Home After a Storm

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

entry of a House during a flood and completely flooded road A flooded home in Belgrade, MT

Tips for Safely Returning to Your Home After a Storm

A big storm can cause lots of damage and may even require you to leave your home for a period of time. When you do return, make sure the house is safe for you and your family members. Also, make sure you have contacted your insurance agent to begin work on a flood claim. Upon returning to your home in Belgrade, MT, take the following precautions:

  • Look out for structural problems that could result in falling items
  • Check for gas leaks and other fire hazards
  • Be aware of electrical issues, especially if standing water is present
  • Use battery-powered light sources
  • Wear strong shoes, gloves, and eye protection
  • Watch out for snakes and spiders

All water in your home from a storm or flood could be contaminated. Call a professional storm remediation team to deal with dirty water and cleanup.

The Insurance Claim
If the damage to your home is caused by a storm, your property insurance may cover some expenses and losses. Your insurance agent is the best source of information for what is or is not covered. If you do some work on your home, make sure to document everything with photos and in writing. Do not throw out damaged items, but keep items to verify losses. You may have to sign a proof of loss statement. For a flood claim, if you have flood insurance, you should contact your adjuster as soon as possible. If you do not have flood coverage, you may be eligible to apply for governmental assistance if the area has been declared a disaster area.

The Cleanup and Recovery Process
Water damage to your home caused by a storm or flood should be addressed quickly. A professional cleanup team can remove water, dry out contents, and clean and sanitize surfaces. Restoration of damaged walls, flooring, and electrical systems may be required, too. If you have flood insurance, a flood claim could provide payment for expenses and losses.

How To Clean Water Damage from Your Office Items

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO technicians in front on a van with drying equipment. Contact a local water damage restoration service in Manhattan, MT

How To Clean Water Damage from Your Office Items

If you’ve suffered a flooded company in Manhattan, MT, from a storm, sewer backup, roof leak, or broken pipe, you may be wondering what the if it's possible to restore damaged office items. Fortunately, many of these items can be restored back to pre-damaged conditions. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. Contact a Professional

Any time water damage occurs at your place of business it’s recommended to contact a local water damage restoration service. These professionals will be able to handle a variety of damage and repair needs, including restoring any damaged office items. They should even be able to restore paper documentation and electronics.

2. Sort Items By Material Type

One of the first steps toward restoring items affected by a flooded company is to sort them by damage severity and material type. This will allow the restoration company to more efficiently clean each item group, as well as determine which items may need to be replaced should the damage be sever enough. If you have any questions about this process the professionals working on the restoration can help.

3. Use Appropriate Cleaning Method

The next step is to use the correct cleaning method for each item type. Furniture with upholstery should be treated with upholstery cleaner while small fabric items can be washed or go through a dry cleaning process. Large furniture such as desks or filing cabinets may need to be wiped down with a cleaner. Small non electronic items can be dipped in a solution. Electronics and paper documentation will need professional attention such as that provided by your restoration company.

After a cleaning up the water damage from a flooded company, restoring damaged items is equally important. A restoration service should be able to help with this task. Sort items by material type, and use the appropriate cleaning method for each thing. Your restoration team can soon have the damage looking “Like it never even happened.”

What To Do if Black Mold is Present in Air Conditioner Ducts

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Male technician cleaning industrial air conditioner indoors Checking your air duct is important

Commercial buildings are a big investment for a company in West Yellowstone, MT. From foundation to roof, and front door to back, every inch is there because it plays an important role. The same is true for the heating and cooling system. It may be out of sight, but it should not be out of mind. In the event you have a suspicion that black mold growth may be present, immediate action should be taken.

Checking the Air Ducts Is Important

It is readily apparent when mold spores begin to thrive on your sheetrock or on other structural materials. The duct system, however, may not be as obvious. Because air conditioning often involves moisture in some measure, it is prone to becoming infected and can expel mold spores into other areas of the building.

Diagnosing and Cleaning HVAC Mold Is Essential
In order to properly check and clean out the duct system, a mold mitigation and cleaning service should be contacted. Professionals will thoroughly inspect the ducts throughout the building. Some of the things they may check are:

For a pungent, musty odor when the system is running, which is a good indication that further steps should be taken
If the air feels humid – a prime condition for black mold to flourish
For mold spores forming a black powder or dust on the vent’s slats and on surrounding walls or ceiling

Cleanup Matters
Proactive measures should be taken to contain the growth and your mold mitigation service in West Yellowstone, MT, will first contain the contamination. They will clean ducts and disinfect them to stop growth and remove spores. Insulation around the vents may need to be replaced if they have evidence of mold spores or growth, and any necessary repairs to the system should be undertaken to prevent future infestation.
Although finding black mold in your HVAC system can be some tough news to handle, the good news is that professionals can find and remove it. The key is to act immediately to minimize the damage.

Steps You Should Take After a Fire

4/12/2020 (Permalink)

Red Firetruck Details of the Side and of the 911 telephone Sign Call 911 and report the fire

You may think you could never experience a fire in the workplace. Unfortunately, such an emergency is not outside the realm of possibility. To protect yourself, your co-workers, and equipment and supplies at work, it's important to be prepared for disasters. Before fire restoration can take place, you need to do your part to stay safe.

Make the Right Calls

If you have implemented a fire escape plan, you have a greater chance of safely evacuating the building. Once you and everyone get out, you need to do the following:

  • Call 911 and report the fire.
  • Call our fire insurance company to file a claim.
  • Get in touch with a professional fire cleanup company to start the rebuilding process.

Be Careful in the Building

Though you may have personal belongings and important items in the building, you should not enter unless firefighters or disaster cleanup authorities tell you it's safe. Once inside, let the crew handle the fire restoration. In the meantime, don't touch any damaged materials. Doing this poses a safety hazard to you. Plus, you could do further harm to the item. Restoration technicians in Big Sky, MT, have the skills and equipment to salvage many damaged pieces of equipment and materials. If you disturb any of these, it may hinder this restoration process.

Ensure That the Building Is Secure

During smoke cleaning and other fire cleanup processes, the fire mitigation company should board up windows and gaps in the building. This will keep out the elements and protect your building from additional damage. These efforts will also discourage vandalism inside the office and will prevent unauthorized people from breaking in. If there is roof damage, the restoration company will provide tarp services to cover the roof.
Make sure you follow these tips before and during fire restoration. You can do your part to help this process go smoothly so you can return to the workplace.