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3 Reasons You Should Purchase Flood Insurance After a Wildfire

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Flood Insurance Policy on an office desk Obtain more information about how flood insurance can help protect your home

Three Reasons To Purchase a Flood Policy

If you have been fortunate enough to make it through a wildfire without significant fire damage to your home, the last thing you want to have to worry about is flood damage. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a wildfire significantly increases the occurrence and severity of flooding in the burned area. These are three reasons you should consider purchasing a flood policy through the FEMA NFIP program after a wildfire.

1. Your Homeowners Policy Probably Excludes Flood Damage
Because the charred ground is unable to absorb much water, even small amounts of rainfall can cause flash floods and mudflows in the area in and around wildfire damage. Most standard homeowners policies do not cover damage caused by flash floods and mudflows. As little as one inch of water in a home can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Purchasing flood insurance can help you avoid this potentially devastating financial impact.

2. FEMA Assistance Can Be Difficult To Obtain
FEMA assists some homeowners who experience flood damage who have not purchased a FEMA NFIP policy. However, the amount of assistance available is limited and not everyone qualifies. Additional money is available through loan programs, but that money must be repaid and when you are already dealing with the cost of flood restoration, you may not be able to afford the payments.

3. Insurance Can Save You Money
The cost of your insurance premiums, even in areas at higher risk for flooding, pales in comparison to the cost of repairing flooding damage. Additionally, many flood insurance policies provide reimbursement for costs associated with taking flood prevention measures, such as placing sandbags, which can help you avoid damage.
The FEMA NFIP program exists to help homeowners protect themselves against the severe financial impacts of flood damage. Contact an insurance professional in Adler, MT, to obtain more information about how flood insurance can help protect your home after a wildfire.

Noisy Pipes? Here's How To Fix Them

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

bald man covering his ears over gray background Noisy pipes can be annoying

A whistling or banging noise in your pipes in Twin Bridges, MT, can be annoying. The problem, however, is more than just irritating. It's probably the indication of a problem in your plumbing. It may not be as severe as a pipe break, but it will require investigation.

What Is Causing the Noise?

The whistling sound can be happening for a few reasons:

  • A bad valve in the plumbing
  • A blockage in one of the pipes
  • Water going through a deteriorating valve
  • Mineral buildup

The whistling occurs when water rushes through a narrow restriction or past an obstruction. It can happen in a faucet or valve when the washer has been distorted or when the brass screw holding the washer in place works loose.

How Can I Find the Whistling?
First, turn off all faucets and see if the noise stops. Then turn them on, one by one, until you determine which one is making the whistling sound. Turn off each faucet before turning on another one.
Once you've found the noisy faucet, shut off the water to that faucet or the house. Take apart the faucet and replace the brass screw and washer.

What If I Hear Banging?
You could be hearing what is known as water hammer if the noise sounds like banging or chattering. When water flow is suddenly interrupted while running rapidly, like when a faucet is quickly shut off, the water slams around the pipes and fittings. The noise might make you wonder if you've experienced a pipe break and would need to fix a broken pipe.
Inspect visible pipes. One of the fittings could be banging against a wooden joist if a strap is missing or broken. You can brace the pipe with a piece of wood or rubber at the source of the banging or replace the strap. If that doesn't stop the noise, you may need to install an air chamber device.
Usually, noisy pipes are not signs of a serious problem. If you experience a pipe break or pipe burst and need help with remediation, a company specializing in water damage repair can help you get back to normal.

3 Benefits of Using the Same Contractor to Perform Remediation and Reconstruction Services

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

Contractor inspecting building damaged by fire Rely on your contractor to choose the right people for the various restoration and remediation jobs

Here Are The Many Benefits Of Finding A Full- Service Contractor

If you hire one fire mitigation and restoration company, you can avoid a lot of hassle. When you first start searching for a contractor in Ball Place, MT, this can seem like a mythical superhero. However, digging a little deeper will give you full-service contractors. The contractor you find may not be able to fix all of the issues associated with fire damage. However, they will be able to plan and coordinate with others who can help get the job done.

1. They Know the People
Instead of relying on random recommendations on social media, you can rely on your contractor to choose the right people for the various restoration and remediation jobs. They can create a team quickly and often cheaper than you would be able to on your own. Additionally, having the same person throughout the entire process will make it easier for the company to work with your insurance adjuster.

2. There’s No Need to Be a Middle Man
When you have more than one company doing the remediation and reconstruction, you serve as the middle man. With only one company, you don't have to worry about handling this responsibility.

3. They Understand the Entire Scope of the Project
When one contractor does the fire damage remediation and another does the reconstruction, there is a communication gap. In some cases, it won't make a difference, but it could lead to problems, less efficiency, and higher costs in others. Having one contractor do everything will ensure that nothing is overlooked and gives you peace of mind.
You want to have one company do the fire damage remediation and reconstruction. This gets the project taken care of quickly and without extra problems or costs. It also saves you the hassle and lets you focus on getting your business up and running again.

3 Ways To Avoid Commercial Water Damage

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Plumber with a clipboard writing down Plumbing inspections should take place on a yearly basis

Ways To Avoid Commercial Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common commercial property insurance claims, with average amounts in the range of $10,000 to $17,000. Reduce the risk of leaking pipes or unexpected breaks by scheduling inspections and maintenance of plumbing, roofing and appliances at a building in Manhattan, MT.

1. Inspect Plumbing
A broken pipe is a common cause of water damage in commercial structures. Inspections can address wear, damage or a lack of installation that make pipes more likely to burst.
Plumbing inspections should take place on a yearly basis. Pipe materials may last two or more decades, but some materials are more likely to degrade. Replace old polybutylene lines with pipes made of more reliable plastic or metal materials.

2. Maintain Roofing
Beyond leaking pipes, roof damage is another cause of leaks that may be forestalled by timely inspection and maintenance. Check the condition of roofing after severe storms and trim back overhanging trees on a seasonal basis, as falling limbs are an easily preventable cause of potentially major damage.
Commercial roofing is designed with several layers. Heavy impact or progressive damage tends to be necessary for water to permeate through roofing materials and reach the interior of a building.

3. Check Appliances
Appliances that use water to function such as dishwashers and washing machines are also potential causes of a pipe break. A toilet backup, loose or worn appliance connections or faulty shut-off valves could cause leaks that spread damage across one or more floors of a building.
Periodic plumbing inspections may identify faulty hardware or leaking pipes that can be replaced to keep water damage from occurring. Regular inspections and maintenance of all structural systems can reduce the risk of large-scale water damage at a commercial property in Manhattan, MT. Water damage and emergency plumbing repairs tend to be far more costly than these preventative measures.

Should You Have Your Electronics Cleaned After a Fire?

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Electronic damaged with smoke, on the middle of the picture it says ELECTRONIC WITH SMOKE DAMAGE How does smoke damage electronics?

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is both devastating and stressful for you and your family. If you've suffered serious damage to your home in West Yellowstone, MT, a thorough fire cleanup is critically important. Because smoke can cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time, acting quickly will help you get things back to normal more easily.

How To Handle Smoke Cleanup After a Fire

Smoke cleanup can be difficult after a fire. Smoke damage presents a particularly unique problem for electronics. Even items that don’t appear to be damaged by fire may contain smoke residue that can corrode the metal and cause your devices to stop working. Smoke also carries soot, which contains a carbon powder that can overheat your electronics and make them short circuit. A qualified technician can restore many smoke-damaged electronic items, including:

  • Computers
  • TVs
  • DVD units
  • Handheld electronics

Never try to clean electronics yourself during the fire cleanup process. You can make the situation worse by moving the soot deeper into the mechanism. If you suspect smoke damage you should not attempt to turn on the devices either, since this can ruin the equipment.

How Professionals Clean Smoke-Damaged Electronics
Expert technicians are trained to clean and restore electronic devices, thus saving you money on buying new equipment. There are many techniques that professionals use to clean electronics. With specialized equipment they can:

  • Remove soot deposits
  • Get rid of dust accumulation
  • Clean deposits left by water, such as sludge, mud and lime
  • Remove chemical residue from fire extinguisher powder
  • Get rid of other deposits caused by smoke

It is essential to call a fire damage restoration service to handle your fire cleanup issues. Trained professionals know how to assess the situation and come up with the best course of action, ensuring that your home and your belongings are thoroughly cleaned and restored to their pre-fire condition.

5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage While on Vacation

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

Water gauge pressure, hand shut off main valve, close-up. Shut off your main water valve

5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage While on Vacation

Few things are more frustrating than returning home from a lovely vacation just to find that your Bozeman, MT, home flooded while you were gone. Simple tactics, such as a water pipe repair, a gutter sweep and several other methods could be enough to save your property from disaster.

1. Shut Off Your Main Water Valve.
This is the easiest way to prevent water damage. Turn off the main valve right before you leave for vacation to prevent water from entering your home. After you do so, test to see whether you were successful by turning on a faucet.

2. Clear Out Your Gutters.
Your home's gutters are intended to catch water running off of your roof and divert it away from your property. When they become obstructed, water pools on the roof and runs down the sides of your home, resulting in a flooded basement. You should regularly clear out your gutters, but make sure to also do so before you leave for vacation.

3. Prevent Freezing Pipes.
Always take your region's temperature into consideration. If you plan to leave during the colder months, make sure to turn your home's heat up to at least 60 degrees while you're gone to prevent the pipes from freezing.

4. Upgrade to Stainless Steel Supply Lines.
Plastic supply lines are significantly more likely to rupture while you're away. Upgrading to stainless steel can help prevent a broken pipe. The good news is that these supply lines are not costly to replace, and are significantly less expensive than an unnecessary water pipe repair job.

5. Shut Off Valves to Major Appliances.
You should have already shut off your main water valve, but you can never be too careful. Make sure to turn off the valves for major appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher. You should also shut off the supply valves for your toilets and sinks.
Preventing unnecessary damage is significantly easier than having to deal with bigger issues, like a water pipe repair or a flood. Contact water remediation experts for more information and assistance protecting your home from water damage.

How Do Experts Clean Mold Off Contents?

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

Mold Quarantine Mold cleaning services

How Do Experts Clean Mold Off Contents?

Contents exposed to mold become contaminated with fungus. Mold is a stubborn infestation, as dry spores can reactivate and start growing again if conducive conditions are present at a home in Big Sky, MT. Find out how specialists banish mold from items removed from a household undergoing mold cleaning and remediation to avoid recontamination.

Non-Porous Versus Porous Items
Non-porous items are easier to clean than porous items. Several approaches can be used to thoroughly disinfect contents that have hard surfaces that do not absorb contamination and moisture:

  • Abrasion or blasting
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Wet cleaning

Porous or sensitive materials may not respond well to these methods. Dry cleaning or careful applications of cleaning solution and brushing and wiping may be capable of eradicating fungus in valuable porous materials such as art, clothing, furniture upholstery or other valuable items during mold remediation.

The Esporta Machine
Restoration professionals can provide homeowners with access to top-of-the-line, commercial-grade mold cleaning equipment. Esporta washing technology features hydraulic action capable of cleaning most delicate or soft contents and textiles that have been exposed to primary damage caused by water and secondary damage such as mold.

Cost-Effective Content Solutions
In most cases, replacing porous contents is more affordable than attempting complete disinfection, which may destroy very delicate items. If you have mold insurance, experts can document damage and provide a professional opinion on items that are candidates for cleaning or require replacement. Cost may be a bigger issue if you are paying for mold cleanup out-of-pocket.
Depending on the item, mold cleaning specialists may recommend replacing or attempting to restore particular contents. Homeowners should not attempt to clean and disinfect any porous items with mold damage, which are difficult to completely permeate and could continue to carry mold spores. Professional cleaning or disposal and replacement are the best options for mold-damaged contents from a residence in Big Sky, MT.

Controlling Mold in Commercial Buildings

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

Mold on wall Prevent mold from coming back

When you are busy with the everyday upkeep of your facility in Belgrade, MT, do you think about checking for mold growth? If not, you should consider adding mold inspections to your regular routine.

Common Places To Find Mold

Mold is a fungus that can be found anywhere. It releases spores that travel through the air searching for a moist place with good nutrients to settle and grow. There are quite a few places in commercial buildings where mold can find what it needs:

  • HVAC Drain Pans
  • Carpets
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Drywall
  • Wooden building materials

When these parts of your building are kept dry, mold is not a major concern. However, when a small leak goes unnoticed or a water spill does not get cleaned up, mold growth can take place within 24 to 48 hours.

Keeping Mold Out
Mold needs moisture to grow, so creating a routine that involves inspecting common places where water problems occur is the first step in mold prevention. Check your roof, pipes and HVAC systems for any issues that might cause condensation or water damage. Perform visual checks in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms and utility rooms. Being proactive about building maintenance is the best way to keep mold out of your facility.

Cleaning Up Mold
Even if your building is in top shape, mold can still grow. If you discover mold, seek the help of a mold remediation specialist. What seems like a small speck of mold on your wall could be hiding a larger problem underneath. An expert will give you a full assessment and then create a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. They will leave you with a clean facility and the knowledge you will need to prevent mold from coming back.
Keeping an eye out and preventing water problems through routine inspections and maintenance is the best way to keep mold growth from happening in your building.

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. Business interruption insurance can help your company stay afloat during an expensive rebuild

There are a lot of moving parts to worry about when it comes to purchasing insurance for your company in Adler, MT. One policy that many business owners tend to overlook is business interruption insurance. This type of coverage helps cover your losses while you rebuild after your commercial building suffers massive amounts of property damage.

What Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

Business insurance is extremely handy when a covered loss forces your company to close down temporarily. It covers operating expenses such as:

  • Relocation costs, if applicable
  • Taxes, both monthly and quarterly
  • Rent, lease and mortgage payments for your commercial building
  • Employee salaries
  • Any necessary loan payments
  • The revenue you'd normally take in if your business was open

It's important to remember that these types of policies only cover operating expenses. They do not reimburse you for the actual damages, as those are listed under separate policies. Interruption insurance also does not reimburse you for utilities during the rebuild, as there's no reason to have electricity, water or gas running in a building that no one is using.

How Much Does the Insurance Policy Cost?
There are several factors that contribute to how much you'd personally pay for your closed business insurance. These include which industry you work in, the amount of employees you have, your building's location and the amount of coverage you actually want. Buildings that are located in areas that are more prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes or wildfires, might have to pay more than companies that are located in places that are less danger prone. Talk to your insurance agent to see which types of policies you can acquire and how much you would have to pay for them.
Don't let expensive property damages destroy your company. Business interruption insurance can help your company stay afloat during an expensive rebuild. In the meantime, contact remediation experts for assistance resolving any property damages your commercial building may have suffered.

How to Handle Smoke Damaged Electronics

11/7/2020 (Permalink)

Short circuit, burnt cable, on dark color background An electrical fire can wreak havoc on your commercial building

How to Handle Smoke Damaged Electronics

When an electrical fire engulfs your commercial building in Ball Place, MT, almost none of your possessions are safe. Vital electronic devices, such as computers, appliances, hard drives and other items are no exception. In most cases, you do have to either contact professional assistance, or replace the devices altogether. However, you might still be able to save your possessions if you use the following steps.

Cleaning Smoke Damaged Electronics
When it comes to computer cleanup, as well as other types of electronic restoration efforts, your best course of action is to contact professional assistance. However, you can follow these steps if you wish to tackle the issue yourself first:

Shut off the power to your devices. This may involve either disconnecting the power outlets, removing the batteries or both. Leave the devices shut down until the cleaning process is complete.
Use a soft rag to gently wipe the device's exterior. This helps remove soot residue.
Use an air compressor to carefully blow any smoke or soot out of the device. Direct air into the ports, air vents and outlets.

If these steps are unsuccessful, you should check the warranties on your devices to see whether they cover smoke damage.

Types of Smoke Damage
There are several different ways that smoke damage can affect your electronic devices:

Corrosion from Smoke Acidity: Soot is acidic in nature, which can easily corrode your devices. Ultimately, this drastically reduces your devices' lifespans.
Magnetization: Many people don't realize that smoke actually carries a magnetic charge. The unfortunate truth is that this charge can easily short circuit your electronics.
Black Film on Insulation: When smoke seeps into your computers, hard drives or other devices, it leaves behind a black film. This affects the devices' insulation abilities, ultimately causing them to overheat. In some cases, this event can release toxic fumes, or even lead to another electrical fire.

An electrical fire can wreck havoc on your commercial building, damaging your devices and halting business endeavors. Business cannot continue until your computers, hard drives and appliances are back in working condition. While the steps above can help, your best course of action is to contact fire remediation experts.